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Electronic Training Records

Configure your training records and connect to various roles in the system. Automatic enrolments and reminders can be sent to crew as well as managers when the time has come to renew the training record. 

Any record can be updated with a form, attendance list, e-learning and more. Once updated, the new expiry date can be automatically sent to your crew planning software by using one of our integrations.

Training records overview on a computer screen

Electronic Forms

Our form builder is undoubtedly one of the most frequently used features of Crewdox. With the form builder, you can easily create forms that can instantly be used on an iPad by your instructors and examiners. Once a form is submitted, it gets converted into a pdf that will look exactly as you want. 

Forms can be used to grade multiple crew simultaneously to avoid switching between different forms while busy observing.

Build your forms to collect data for evidence based training and analyse in the data platform.

Make training instructions available in the forms by connecting documents that the instructor can access easily in order to standardize your training and checking.

Course Management

A course in Crewdox is a collection of training items that has to be fulfilled as part of a course. This can be a number of e-learning courses, forms, attendance lists, LIFUS and more. 

Using our course builder, you can easily combine all these items into your courses, making oversight as well as auditing easy. 

Examples of the use of courses in Crewdox are:​

  • Conversion courses

  • Re-qualification trainings

  • Type ratings

  • LIFUS and familiarisation flights

Courses list on Crewdox app

iPad app

Our iPad app is mainly used by instructors and examiners to grade forms, fill out attendance lists, add sectors in a LIFUS or on-the-job training. 

All functions are designed to work regardless if the device is online, offline or in an area with poor internet connection.

Functions of the iPad app:​

  • ​​See own training records

  • Upload documents such as a renewed medical

  • See own courses in progress

  • Fill out forms

  • Fill out attendance lists

  • Fill out course elements as instructor

  • and more

Data Analysis

Our built in data platform lets you build custom reports to analyze your training and checking data in detail. Pin-point what comments and competency elements are connected to a certain grading. 

Build reports where you compare how different instructors grade to standardize your training department and improve future training and checking events.​


Free Demo

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