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Electronic forms

Build any form

Our easy to use but yet powerful form builder lets you create virtually any kind of form in your forms library.

Decide who in your operation that should have access to specific forms. 

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Single or dual forms

Forms can be built to allow two crew members to be graded side by side. This makes it easier for the instructor instead of the need for navigating between forms. This feature is especially useful during line checks or specific simulator events.

Collect data for evidence based training

Define your forms and let instructors and examiners select core competencies and observable behaviors in combination with gradings to collect valuable data that can be analysed using our data platform.


Documents in forms

Another great feature is that you can build and add documents to your forms. Documents can be used as briefing materials or just a help for your instructors to standardise the training.


Free Demo

Don't just take our word for it, see for yourself during a 1-on-1 complimentary demo. Sign up now to learn how Crewdox could benefit your company.

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