Make life easy for your team

By adding your planned training events in Crewdox, your instructors will have everything ready in their iPad once they come to the training event. For example, an in-house training class with 20 students can have the attendance list already filled out with all students and information about the event. The instructor only have to submit the list from the iPad as soon as the training is done.

Going to the simulator for an OPC or training session? The applicable form or forms will be filled out with the correct students.

Automate the submissions

By automating certain tasks in the system, you can save valuable time for your team. Once a submitted attendance list or form has been submitted, it can be automatically handled by the system based on your defined criteria. One example of criteria can be that a form should have "Passed" status in order to be automatically approved. It is also possible to completely skip the automation part in case you prefer to perform the tasks manually instead. We are adding new automations on a regular basis to make our ensure that we maximise the value for our customers.


Update other systems

By connecting training records in Crewdox to it's counterparts in for example planning systems, we will take care of the time consuming tasks to update various things in different systems. In addition, this also reduces the risk of human errors and therefore improves compliance.

Read more about our integrations.


Digitize and automate for improved results in your training department