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We love to connect with others. So also with other software.


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Integrations are a big part of what we do. Below are some of our current integrations that we provide to our customers and we are always eager to find new opportunities to make your workflow more automated.

SSOactive directory

Microsoft Azure

We synchronize your active directory with our database in order to keep everything simple for your user management. In addition, you can use your microsoft login credentials to login to your Crewdox portal.
crew planning

Navblue RAIDO

N-OC designed to handle all aspects to Network Scheduling, Operations Control, Crew Planning, Crew Management, and day-of-ops Crew Scheduling in a single Flight Operations system. Crewdox has a long term integration for several of our airline clients that helps them to automate and achieve an effective workflow.
crew planning

CBL Electronics

cbl electronics is a provider of web-based flight and ground operation software dedicated for airlines and business aviation operators.


MATRIX LMS is an advanced LMS that can be used to deliver online training to your employees. Crewdox and MATRIX are integrated providing automation for our customers.

Learndash LMS

Learndash LMS is a plugin that turns your wordpress site into an advanced learning management system. Fully integrated with Crewdox CMS.

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