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Courses list in Crewdox app

Design Training Programs and Monitor Trainee Development

The Course Module empowers you to craft and configure a wide range of training courses essential for crew members to effectively fulfill their roles. This includes the creation of specialized programs such as conversion courses, LIFUS programs, and type rating courses. Its exceptional versatility allows for the development of nearly any kind of training course required in the aviation industry.

Set a specific order to ensure compliance

When structuring your courses, you have the option to arrange them so that specific sections must be completed in a predetermined sequence. For instance, the line check cannot be initiated until the line training is successfully finished, ensuring a logical and effective progression through the training program.


Auditing made easy

Upon the completion of a course by a trainee, Crewdox automatically generates a detailed course report. This report encompasses all components of the course, including e-learning certificates, simulator forms, line training sectors, and other relevant elements, providing a complete record of the trainee's accomplishments. This makes auditing a breeze.

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Additional Course Features


Course visibility

Control which trainers that should have access to specific courses. In addition, you can decide if the trainee should have the possibility to see his or her own individual progress.


Course blocks

We provide different types of course blocks depending on the use case. Examples are: On-The-Job training, Record blocks, Form blocks and more. Additionally, course blocks can be either fixed (required) or dynamic (whenever extra training is needed).


Data in courses

A major benefit of using the course module is that anything that is being done inside a course, such as line training sectors can be analysed in the built-in data platform.


Edit individual items

Need to reduce or increase the amount of line training sectors for a trainee? This is easily done in the course manager for the specific course.


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