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Data platform

Data platform charts for analysis

Build reports and analyze all training and checking activities

Our built-in data platform allows you to create reports that enable you to thoroughly analyse your training and checking data. If you are already using, or plan to start using, evidence based training, you can use the data platform to pinpoint and combine various gradings, comments, core competencies, and observable behaviors to more accurately assess the skills and knowledge of your employees. This can help you identify areas for improvement and ensure that your team is meeting the necessary standards.

Advanced report builder

Our report builder lets you create the reports that are relevant to your business. You can for example build reports that analyzes gradings in combination with the comments that belongs to these gradings. Or you can combine gradings, comments and core competencies to identify focus areas in accordance with evidence based training.

Report builder graph for analysis
Report filter functionality

Powerful filters

You can use filters in your reports to focus on specific items or data points. By selecting date ranges, you can also analyze data within a specific time frame. Applying filters to certain components can also allow you to compare values, such as how one instructor's gradings compare to the rest of the instructors. This can be helpful in standardising your grading system.

Multiple data sources

Combining multiple data sources in your reports can provide even greater insights into your data. For example, you can create a report that includes information about crew performance on LIFUS, OPC's, or line checks, giving you a clear picture of areas that may need improvement. This can help you identify trends and patterns in your data and make informed decisions about how to enhance your training and performance.

Overview of editing of data sources for reports

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