Data platform

Build reports and analyze all training and checking activities

With Crewdox data platform you are able to build reports that let you analyze your training and checking data deeply. If you use or plan to start using evidence-based training, you are able to pinpoint and combine various gradings, comments, core competencies and behavioural indicators.

Advanced report builder

Our report builder lets you create the reports that are relevant to your business. You can for example build reports that analyzes gradings in combination with the comments that belongs to these gradings. Or you can combine gradings, comments and core competencies to identify focus areas in accordance with evidence based training.

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Powerful filters

Add filters to your reports that lets you focus on certain items or if you are looking at specific data. Select date ranges to look at specific time periods. By applying filters to only some of the components, you can compare values. For example how one instructor has been grading in relation to the rest of the instructors. This feature is useful in order to standardize your grading system.

Multiple data sources

By combining multiple data sources to your reports, you can dig even deeper into your data. For example, build a report that gives you all information about crew performance on their LIFUS, OPC's or line checks and get a clear picture of what areas can be improved.

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Digitize and automate for improved results in your training department