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Feb 12, 2023

Crewdox welcomes Novair

The Swedish charter airline Novair selects Crewdox for training management.

We are excited to announce that Novair, a leading Swedish charter airline has chosen Crewdox as their provider of training- and learning management software.

“With the help of the Crewdox Training Management system, we will be able to further develop and expand evidence based training within Novair” says Henrik Wiechel, Nominated Person Crew Training, Novair.

“We are thrilled to be part of Novair’s onward journey and look forward to providing them with the tools needed to further enhance their work with evidence based training among other training needs”, says Niklas Steinbach, CEO at Crewdox.

At Crewdox, we are passionate about providing innovative and effective solutions for the aviation training industry.

We warmly welcome Novair to the Crewdox family and look forward to a long and successful partnership.

For more information, please contact:

Niklas Steinbach, CEO of Crewdox


Phone: +46 70 453 30 81

Novair A320

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