More Than a Training Management System

We provide the aviation industry with the most versatile and flexible training management software available. By using Crewdox, any highly regulated training department can become fully digital in a short period of time. The results will be improved efficiency, compliance and optimisation.


Put your training management on autopilot

Using the variety of tools available in our software, you can quickly reach a high level of automatisation where Crewdox takes care of your daily tasks while you can focus on other things.


Training records

Keep track of recency and update with forms, attendance lists, e-learning and more. We can also send expiry dates and documents to the systems that you already use via our integrations.



You can create fully electronic forms using our form builder. Once the forms are created, your instructors and examiners can fill them out using our online/offline capable iPad app.


Course management

Keep track of all your courses in progress and follow in real time. Example of common areas are LIFUS programs, type ratings and conversion courses.

Turn your training data into insights

Our powerful data platform lets you create reports that can be used in your evidence-based training environment. Analyse core competencies in combination with behavioural indicators, comments and more. You decide what you want to analyse and we provide the tool for it.


Core features

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Configure and track training records for all your crew members, regardless of department.


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Convert any paper form into a fully electronic version in just a few minutes.


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Build and configure your courses. Enroll and follow trainee progress as they proceed through training.


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Easily take attendance using our iPad app. Once completed, a report is created to update records.


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Create events that will pre-fill any form or attendance list to make it easy for your instructors.


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All data that comes in from various data sources can be used to create your custom reports.

Data Platform

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Create LIFUS program using our course builder. Add required training elements and more.


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Our iPad app works offline and is mainly used to fill out forms, take attendance and record student progress.

iPad app

It is easy to get started

To get started with Crewdox is very easy. There is no need to migrate your old habits at once. Start with a couple of forms, training records and users. Before you know it you will be a fully digital training departments that collects relevant data that are presented in beautiful reports.

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Configure & Add users

Build electronic forms & courses. Add users, roles & training records. You are good to go.



Start collecting data

Instructors and examiners send training and check forms using the iPad app.

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Analyse & Improve

Build reports and analyse all training and checking data submitted from your instructors.


iPad app that works offline

Our iPad app is used on the field by your instructors and examiner to fill out electronic forms, LIFUS sectors, attendance lists and more. Your crew members have access to their training records and can upload new data to the administrator.


Integrate with your favourite business tools

By integrating Crewdox with the various tools you already use, you can become even more effective in your day to day work. Not only will it save you valuable time, but it also reduces the risk of human errors. Typical integrations in use by our customers are crew planning systems, learning management systems and active directories.


Digitize and automate for improved results in your training department