Competence management for highly regulated industries


Crewdox is a competence management software originally built for the aviation industry. Used by airlines and training organisations to transform into a fully digital training environment and administration and to automate repetetive tasks in order to reduce the overall costs.

A brief overview

No matter if you are looking to fully transfer into a digital training environment or just looking to start slowly by building a few forms, we can help.

Competence management

Maintaining and improving your staff's competencies is crucial to stay competitive in todays market.

Electronic forms

Our advanced form builder allows you to convert virtually any kind of form into digital version quickly


The course module lets you build advanced courses where you can combine any type of inputs such as forms, training records, etc in order to have full oversight of the trainees progress.

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The personalised inbox is where everything shows up that requires your attention. Forms, e-learning, attendance lists and more.


All forms comes with built in reports. Use the reports for analysing training and checking so you you can focus on relevant focus areas in the future.


Use our supplier module to keep track of suppliers and their documents.


In the crew module you will have everything readily available and can see the entire history of that crew member. Great for audits.


We integrate with various types of software to make your life easier. Planning systems, Learning management systems and more.


Using the event module, you can keep track of all your events with checklists and make sure nothing is forgotten.

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