Learn how to get started with Crewdox in five simple steps.

Turbocharge your training department by implementing Crewdox training management.

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Once you have seen the online demo, we will set you up with a free trial for two weeks where you can try our software as much as you like.

Set up a basic configuration

Get started by adding some training records, roles and crews

Build a few forms

Create your first forms that you will use to update training records

Create courses

Build your first courses such as company conversion course, LIFUS programs, Type Rating courses or pretty much anything you can imagine.

Start digitising

Start updating training records with froms, attendance lists and e-learning.

Crewdox iPad menu

Course management.
Boosting compliance.

  • Build any course in your library
  • Combine e-learning, forms, attendance and more
  • On-The-Job training (or LIFUS as we say in aviation)
  • 100% audit ready

Build your electronic forms.
In minutes.

  • Convert any paper form into digital version
  • Grade your crews side-by-side
  • Collect data for evidence based training
  • Analyse your data
Crewdox form

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