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Release notes

Release 19  LIVE  2018-10-03      Download .pdf

Integrations with third-party systems:

  • Raido: Adjustments made to our API’s connected with Raido..


New functionality:

  • Improved integration with Crewdox LMS, now enrolling users automatically at the right time year after year without human interaction.

  • LIFUS reports now available.

Significant updates and changes:

  • LIFUS: Once a LIFUS has been completed and released for line check a report including all sectors, dates and flying time will now be generated as a PDF and can be archived.

  • Courses: History tab added allowing to see completed courses.


Minor updates:

  • Settings: It is now possible to drag and drop documents to administrators as well.

  • General: Minor UX and text adjustments have been made.

  • General: Additional confirmation required on multiple actions, deletion of forms, updating records etc.

iPad app:

  • Minor bugfixes have been made.

  • Changed Node version to 6.1.

  • LIFUS: Increased comment size on LIFUS sectors.


  • Forms: Offline-capability with missing data now fixed.

  • Inbox: External certificates showing as 0% bug is fixed.

  • iPad: App freezing after being left on home menu for too long now fixed.

  • Form Builder: Empty fields showing “null” now fixed.

  • Raido: We’ve increased our time limits which solves the problem with users not being imported, and records not being updated.