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Crewdox comes fully loaded out of the box so you can start transforming into a fully digital, training department that can improve compliance and reduce the overall cost for your company.


Our form builder is undoubtedly one of the most frequently used features of Crewdox. With the form builder, you can easily create forms that can instantly be used on an iPad by your instructors and examiners. Once a form is submitted, it gets converted into a pdf that will look exactly as you want. 

Define your own grading system

Build forms for evidence based training

Add core competencies to your gradings

Grade one or two crew members simultaneously

Choose default or custom print layout


The course builder lets you create training sequences that will exactly match your manuals and making sure everything is completed in accordance with internal and external regulations.

Courses are commonly used for:

Type ratings

Conversion courses

Command upgrade

LIFUS & Line Training

On-The-Job training


Create an electronic record, set the expiry date and link them to your crew. This is the core function of Crewdox. All your crew records are available when you need them. The individual crew member has access to their own records via the web or through the iPad app. Group the records any way you like to keep the administration easy going.

More about training records

Can be updated with submitted forms

Can be updated with attendance lists

Has automatic expiry date calculations

Integrates with your crew planning system

Integrates with your LMS of choice


Our iPad app is mainly used by instructors and examiners to fill out various training- and check forms. Either in the simulator or during actual flights. Regular crew members can use it to see their own training records as well as to upload renewed documents such as a renewed medical.

The iPad app is used to:

Fill out forms

Fill out course progress

Record LIFUS sectors

Fill out attendance

Upload documents

See own training status


Provide you instructors with information to improve training and checking standards. Build centralised documents that can be reused in multiple forms and courses.

Commonly used areas

During briefings

Instructions on maneuvers

Grading standards

Plan of action

Pre-study material


Our report builder lets you build reports to analyse all your data collected from forms etc. Within the report builder, you can add multiple types of filters in order to look at specific data or to compare data in an efficient way.

Examples of reports

Grading reports

Comment reports

Evidence based training reports

Personal reports

Instructor reports


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