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Our iPad app is like the friend you cant live without. It is the tool for your instructors and examiners to use during training and checking.

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My Crewdox

My Crewdox is where every trainee can see his or her own training information. From here it is also possible to take a picture for example of a medical that has been renewed and that should be sent to the training administration.

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The course module is used mainly by instructors to fill out LIFUS sectors, various forms that are part of courses etc. It can also be used to build type rating courses, command courses, or basically anything you can imagine. Sign up for a demo and we will be delighted to show you the power of courses.

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You can build any form in your training manual and start filling it out using our iPad app. Once the form is completed it will be submitted to the training administration. If something is incorrect with the form, it can simply be returned to the instructor with comments.

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Use the iPad app to create attendance lists during inhouse training events.
Once submitted, everyones respective training records will get updated with the click of a button.

Course list on ipad

Just a few more things.

  • Forms can contain auto data for time saving
  • Forms can be used to grade two crew members side by side
  • All functions in our app is built to work effortlessly offline
  • Forms also has built in de-brief
  • You can even add images and descriptions to aid the instructor
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