Electronic forms.

With our form builder you can easily convert your paper forms into electronic versions.

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No forms. No evidence

Anyone involved in training and checking knows that forms are an integral part of the system. Everything needs to be documented for compliance purposes.
Forms also contain a lot of data that can be used to analyse any training and checking activities. The data can be used to find trends that can be addressed in upcoming training events.

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Built in reports

All your forms comes with built in reports making it possible for you to analyse gradings, comments, core competencies and more.

You can also build your own reports using your in-house analytics tool by extracting your data from Crewdox.

The sky and your imagination are the only limits to the various reports that can be made.

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Quick facts

  • Forms can be used for training and checking
  • Forms can update training records
  • Forms can be build in order to grade two crews side by side
  • Forms can contain core competencies for EBT
  • Forms can be filled out online and offline
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