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The product

Built with you in mind

Crewdox competence management system has evolved over several years into an advanced software suite that can not only help you achieve a higher level of compliance, but also to improve staff competencies by analysing training and checking on a regular basis.

Training records

Electronic training records are the heart of our system. Records are connected to users via roles. Records are updated by various forms, attendance lists, e-learning or user uploaded documents.
Since Crewdox live in the cloud, you can manage your training department from anywhere.

The individual crew member has access to his or her own training records using the iPad app or by logging in to the web portal.


Our form builder lets you design and convert any paper form into a user friendly digital form that can be used with our iPad app. All data that is submitted through the form is available to view individually or by configuring reports to analyse the last training and checking period.

Forms can be used to collect data for evidence based training or competence based training.

Should you prefer to grade two crew members simultaneously, just add a checkbox in the form builder and the magic will take place.

iPad app

Our iPad app is used mainly by instructors who are training or checking crew members. Currently it is used to fill forms, attendance lists and LIFUS programs.

Individual crew members have constant access to their own training records and can also use the camera to take an image that will be sent directly to their supervisor for approval.

The app works offline as well as online. When working in offline mode, everything is saved locally and will be submitted once the iPad has an internet connection again.


Build your own LIFUS programs and let your crews record all training sectors with our iPad app. Any LIFUS program can contain forms as well as required competency elements. As soon as a crew member fulfils all  requirements, the instructor can release him or her for a final check. ​

From an administrative point of view, you will be able to follow the training from your computer. LIFUS sectors can be filled out online as well as offline and can be synced as soon as there is an active internet connection again.


Using the course module lets you build advanced courses consisting of various inputs such as records, forms, LIFUS and other specific features.

Use courses to prove compliance, train crews efficiently and improve or add competencies. Courses is an extremely dynamic module where you configure your own work flows to suit your own operation.


The attendance list feature is used when you have in-house training events and replaces the traditional paper form.

Once the instructor submits the form, it is converted into a pdf that will be updated to every attendees training record. Attendance lists can also be automatically prepared by the use of integrations to Crew planning systems.


All forms that you create comes with built-in statistics so you can analyse training and checking performance easily. Analyse all comments from the last training block and compare how different instructors are grading. All made with you in mind so you can standardise and improve continuously. Should you wish to perform deeper analysis of your data, we make it possible to connect your own business analytics tools as well.


Even though our software can be used completely alone and away from any kind of interaction, we do have multiple integrations available that can help you not only to improve quality but also to automate work process that will save lots of time. We add new integrations on a regular basis. Check out our current integrations here

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