In order to help you standardize your training, we have created a document builder where you can create content and make it available to your instructors right where and when they need it. 


Document library

Build your document library and attach documents to your forms. If you need to change a procedure, change it in one place and it will automatically be updated in all places where the documents is used

Use documents to standardize

By keeping instructions easily accessible to your instructors, students and examiners, training standardization can be improved.

plan of action.webp

Plans of action

It is easy to build plans of action with all information such as environmental and failure settings. Everything for a smooth training and checking experience. The document builder contains a table element for basic tables. For more advanced features, use any word editor and create your tables that you can insert in the document builder as an image.

Create stunning briefings

Create simulator briefings that can be mirrored to your briefing room tv or projector for a high-quality briefing that prepares the students for all exercises.

Add images to your documents to make them visually more interesting.


Always easily available

The documents are available to your instructors, examiners and students via our iPad app. All information is stored locally on the device making it 100% available even when offline.

Add your documents to specific grading items and instructors can access them simply by clicking on the item which clearly shows if it has a document attached or not.

Want to learn more?

Request a demo and we will be happy to show you how Crewdox can benefit your organization.